I fought a battle against my incomprehension which is called fear.
And there were no victors because I didn't get scared of.
As I was leaving, mocking it, I wished it good luck with somebody else.


There's a need for  magnificence, but not due to its necessity.

Non-necessity causes that the man looks somewhere, and not at the valley he has just passed through.

He got lost in himself.

As he can't leave thoughts out he doesn't know where happinness is.

As he doesn't just think with his heart, he must flee from himself, being afraid of the one

who has never betrayed the valley.

Fleeing while not being chased, he invents new kinds of fear.

When driving off those fictions like bees,

he doesn't manage to overcome himself.

The fictions bit him and he got ill.

Cursing it, he called his illnes a valley and complains about his fate.

The poor man shivers while he is afraid of passing through the valley once more.

May he come back to its  wilderness at least once more!

Wouldn't he laugh  heartily with his  mistress Acceptance on  the valley's  border?



What you wait for craving you know.
What you dream of waiting, you want with your heart.
As you can't love, nothing is a secret for you.
What do you live – exist for?
Everything and nothing becomes one.
Because sleeping and dreaming you learn a mirrored smile.
Let me still sleep for a while.



The poor man would have invented some kind of  new life, but only ungainly thoughts come up in his mind.

Because the cowardly mob, inhabiting the valley borders, considers

the comebacks as a mockery.

He asks a question: How to live? Where to go and who to follow or who to go with?

And all of a sudden, he hears the wizard's voice.

The valley's eternal voice!

The voice of the wizard's indifference to the fear of the only ruler, himself!



P.S.: In his wisdom, the wizard has something so extremely cunning
that he can deceive the whole nations and each individually.
Don't be afraid of the wizard's fear.
Smile to him.
The valley as well as its borders will be reached beningly by everybody.
And is there any use of your thinking to you?



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