A short story about the adventure of carbon compounds

Einstein's Patent

The clerk at the Customs Bureau didn't enjoy everyday life of the world.
He knew that the world was inexplicable,
so time after time he was teasing everybody around him intensely.
And I - through his imagination - shall demonstrate what runs around us.
He knew that the world was the world of infinite opportunities.
And thus clever Albert only described us what he was doing in the Customs Bureau, and as he was observing and thinking excellently, he turned the world he saw into the fairy tale of the mystery.
Consequently, he presented us his most famous law, this is, what energy
(E) was.
           He compared E (=) to his speculations at work.
 Imposing customs duty and weighing (m) a parcel, he thought how fast and where from
               it would be brought by the Vienna Rail (c), and he
                         squared (2) speed in order that verifiability
might exist in infinity.

After all,  Albert didn't work in the Customs Bureau but in the Patent Office, did he?

Well,  a false start! Thus:

He didn't enjoy the everyday world of the Patent Office.
He knew that the world was inexplicable.
So he made quite a lot of fun of everybody around at that time.
Through his imagination, he demonstrated what was going around us.
He knew the world was the world of infinite opportunities.
And thus the witty Albert only described to us what he was doing at the Patent Office,
but he didn't think of patents when he turned our world into the fairy tale of the mystery.
Consequently, he presented us his most famous law, this is, what energy
                               (E) was.
                                           He compared E (=) to his speculations at work.
        Thinking, he dreamt of his beloved (m) that she might come to him
by the Vienna Rail (c) and he
                                  squared (2) the speed of the
locomotive in order that in infinity might verifiability
of his love come into being!


And somewhere there in the cosmos crashed some two forces.

Or there were more than two? And only one bears with itself.

Or it isn't  infinite unknown, but only finite nothingness?

This world in itself is fantastically ingenious . How eloquent it is that its

unrhythmic pulse, which was taking place in one of its various blends

of differences, formed what we call live?



About one of mankind inventions


Somewhere in this life started some new otherness to be born and be perfected.

This otherness, which seems not to have much in common with this unrhythmic pulse,

modeled in turn some other and unique situation in the universe. And this situation is that

I - by means of otherness - thought and said: I'm sitting in the car and writing. Sitting and writing,

I am, so I think and with thoughts, from cosmic distance, I only imagine myself in the car.

Being my own observer, from cosmic distance, I understand differently

what time is and what it is for people.

I watch myself repeat activities and my person go through situations

and the work of my activities, and as I call them days.

I create weeks and years, and I paste them into the notion of time. I sit stubbornly

in the observer's point and , after a while, I stop to see myself, and I only see little monsters

of these situations. And even entire human generations that follow, and their monsters, which follow, are

- alike my days - little monsters.

Thus whole nations pass away and I don't see  further because I have  remembered

that the human brain invented the future

and in order to think and say anything about the future

I would have to think  up things for you.

For this reason I go back to the car, which I am sitting in, and I think through where from I came here.

I ground my discussion on evolution, because I have been a few times in the zoo and come to

very interesting conclusions about my fatigued brain.

To speculate on its own subject is a very hard test for the brain!

And probably  most difficult is to laugh at itself and accuse of this

whole mess that the brain thought up and has nothing in common with understanding time.

When I was in the zoo, the only creature that I noticed and that woke up with the sunrise

to understand time was me.

For the ostrich the notion of day and night is reduced to bright and dark, in other words,  for the ostrich,

whose memory is rather poor, its own existence is very intensive flashing of light, i.e. day,

and meantime, during the breaks, it's dark and this is night.

Flashing of light in the darkness is, in the canons of the ostrich's mind and without imposing the

interpretation of human thought, not-coming-into-being, in other words an indivisible whole or a constant.

I assume that the ostrich (like me) does not think up and lie about the future

for example in case of an earthquake.

The less complex in their blood vessels, so called cold-blooded animals

leave their lairs one month before the cataclysm.

And these creatures, in the evolution closer to my human person and in the  wave similar to our

human perception of time, react before a cataclysm differently, but they don't exist any more when the

tsunami enters the mainland...

Only we always remain - the rational and animals in cages.

The theory I promote today is that the man notices this behavior and

- being wrong - takes them for animal intuition.

Complicated is this theory and it demands a dozes of spontaneous acceptance so that

you might get rid of the already established opinion and with help of this

new cosmic light, and not through the hereditarily obtained prism,

stop judging things and applying judgments as unquestionable truths.

People transformed in the material world and with their terrestrial interpretation of this world,

made up by means of oversimplifications the cosmic constant and called it time. They divided  this constant,

introduced terminology and even established that day followed night. Days and nights could be somehow

added or deducted, seconds follow one another and you can also sum them up.

It isn't irony that human interpretation is limited only and exclusively to

the reasoning in paralel proportions of presence of life that came into existence

in the world of carbon compounds. (See The Universes Existing on The Basis of Chemistry).

The man is born into the notion of time and his choice doesn't allow new theories and

other deviations yet that occur in the whole still incomprehensible physics of the universe, in other words

in this still little known physical constant unity, in which cosmos and universe are opposites only for people,

where neurons fly. Recognizing time belongs only to the interpretation of the human brain.

My dog that smells a postman is interpreted by human thought as

the user of its basic senses or of the seventh or the tenth sense.

If the dog comes running when it sees a postman, isn't it experiencing by him

the situation that occurred once, was experienced before and is being experienced now?

In case of a cataclysm the dog flees from that area not because it feels the cataclysm intuitively,

but because it already experiences the cataclysm physically. The dog is its witness! It is -was-  there in this


Thus leaving the place through  the constancy of  time, in other words through time not being perceived by

the dog, it comes out of the cataclysm unscathed.

I guess that these views can be accepted nowadays and it's year 2005.

A living creature staying at two identical places in constant time - this fact isn't

nowadays impossible to be accepted by the human brain, being - it is a fact.



Every new day is everything.
It is unique.
In the morning you are a new man.
You are alone.
Only you suffer from the loss of a close person.
Because you are most important for yourself.
You are alone.
Your illusions are different every day.
You want to judge days? Judging yourself in the end?
This is your life.
Smile although you don't feel like it.
After all, my aphorism is also life.
And what of it if you will live backwards and walk upside down?



Universes Existing On The Base of Chemistry


 In this chapter has imagination to become almost insane!

For I shall assume that what we see with human eyes is the universe based and

built on carbon compounds, and the rest is only the product in the universe of the imagination of the brain,

which also belongs to this universe.

Everything that is inexplicable is only the universe of imagination.

Therefore, all laws that have been granted so far can be based on what has

been already proved. The human brain thinks that what it  perceives with senses is everything.

Because everything understood has to have its explanation, in other words has to

be proved.

However how poor are always these shortcuts of our brain in proving.

The highest skepticism of the human brain I know that is related to the examination of the problem

of imagination will always behave in two ways, i.e. it will reject completely imagination as something non-

existent at all, or it will reject imagination so that it will be able to start to see in the manifestation

of imagination the nature's closest and faultless creation which the brain itself is.

We see hens' bones, bark of trees and we see each other, we exchange energy with other creatures

existing on the basis of carbon compounds. Even the whole invisible emptiness between us

also belongs to this universe.

Our eyes, smell, touch recognize what they originate from, i.e. carbon compounds.

Under the microscope are nickel compounds recognized by an eye that is made of

a carbon compound, but not in its full manifestation.

Let us turn the situation and assume that some creatures also came into being on the way of evolution on

our planet which was based on nickel.

And their observation organ sees under the microscope carbon compounds.

We can speculate that  carbon compounds would be seen so vaguely as our

eyes' interpretation of nickel compounds.

Imagination is unknown and unclassified force which exists somewhere beyond the limits

of our human understanding. And it is more closely related

to carbon compounds than to the unknown energy of other chemical universes.

The fact that we have the guts to say - with the approval of the mind - the statement "the universe

of limitless opportunities" is a great success of our carbon brain.



The Universe


As Einstein used imagination in full improvisation, may this our short meeting

be completely permeated with heresy.

And what would our life be if it didn't surround us with its mystery?



No-one will never be able to understand anything!
And that something seems to him and he brings his opinion to light
is only the domain of the miserable human brain.



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