Having decided to give the name day party, Love wrote down a long list of its


Passion, Kindness, Compromise, Envy - even Heartlessness, Contempt and Loutishness

were there on the list of the invited guests.

As Love is, it was  anxiously awaiting the guests.

Nobody came except Hope.

But even when Hope began to say goodbye slowly, Disappointment dropped in for

a while with the always faithful lovers of Love:  Romanticism and Folly.

Folly offered Love a  wedding garland  woven from plastic thorns

and Romanticism a medallion with the engraved word 'suffering'.

They sat at the table.

Being always itself and not able to pretend, Love cuddled up to Folly and

looked  wistfully at Romanticism.

It was making up stories and , ignoring Folly,

started to touch Love furtively.

Thanks to Romanticism's madness, Love remembered what the pleasure of pain was.

While Folly saw it, it got mad and aroused Romanticism's passion.

And from on now Romanticism danced only with Folly.

Romanticism drank itself into a stupor.

Folly started to dance with Love, but it could not follow Love's ballet stunts

and fell asleep.

Love began to think about  itself.

She whispered, ' Who cares? I am like this.'

And while Love, with the wanton flush on its face, was waking up Romanticism subtly,

it heard  Sneer's e chuckle in the mirror.

Crying, Love fled on the streets to look for Reciprocity.

Suddenly, Folly woke up.

Folly sighed, 'Why didn't Love invite Wisdom?'.

It looked through the window.

She saw Love wander in the crowed of Indifference.


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