What am I without You?
Everything is emptiness
without You, and boredom
isn't an addiction.

Being young, we bid for their favour.

And in our old age we see in them our only aim.

In the ridiculous eternal pursuit, we loose ourselves towards them.

What else do we have than to lose ourselves towards them?

The only truth is with them.

So they feel the need to stand by us.

What for did someone dare to kindle the fire of emancipation in the existence?

The power of her weakness is enough to exist!

That's enough! The cold fires of emancipation forget the love of the heart!

Let love remain for the man the insatiableness for his ignorance!

Don't irritate me!
Let me catch the breath.
Where will you (the hell!) take flight?
Do you want to create some new love?
You won't find us to be different!

My goddesses, who are my oracle,

leaving, who will you say your oracles upon?

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