Every single human being, when it judges itself, seems to itself to be the most normal one.

The human being that worships itself and own thoughts is an egoist in love with itself.

Judging itself and other beings, it sees itself in the illusory and infallible universe.

For this reason, the judging must also include that one values himself and understands

that he is needed and useful in the world. But also the person that judges itselfnot to be

needed and useful in the world does not regard itself as an abnormal person.

For both, this is the loyalty of the figments to the creator's figments.

Thoughts are the creator.

Loyalty is a protection field surrounding the human brain that is advanced in thinking.

Not being a just judge capable of betraying other beings,

loyalty is our only human normality.



They were talking about him
He wasn't able to overcome his otherness
The were talking to him
He did not want to overcome his otherness
They despised him
He did not betray his otherness
He came into being inside himself



Normality is the clever mystification of the brain's figment, needing permanently

the authoritative self-control in order to exist.

Thus awaiting the judgment seen from the angle of the rules accepted and understood by mankind is the goal.

Normality is in everyone!

Through its imponderable,every situation has in itself a feature of being needed and useful.

The only understanding are thoughts excluded in the state when the body is alive.

Excluded thoughts are the highest uncompromising wisdom, intelligence.

The word normality is the invention of the brain!

Calling, the brain asks its incomprehension for one more chance.

The chance for itself to die.


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