for Love Nobody's the Faintest Idea about



Entering love wrestling, smile scornfully at every quarrelsome truth.
Then you'll see that this smile never hurts you.



Fatal is the power so deeply involved in loving.

You, Man, do you want romanticism?

What do you want? Reciprocity?

Only to you belongs loyalty in love! The rest is ill delusion.

Nobody will believe me who's tormenting the world in his madness!

And as he'd been always wise, so he lost his wits and it's even hard to compare him to  cattle.

Nobody will puzzle out this illness.

Nobody has a medication for it.

The deceitful will say that time is a doctor for it.

Don't the wounds inside you scar over or do they only get dry a little?

You can find a remedy for it.

Where do figments and figments' trickery come from?

Weren't they born from what we call love?

Did not betrayal, envy and loyalty come into being

by love's craftiness?

Tear up the prescription on which ''reciprocity'' is prescribed for you.

The natural way of treatment is needed here.

So if she loves him without reciprocity, let her cause that he would

hate her. Hatred is probably less cruel then his indifference, isn't it?

And after all, maybe he can change, turn around and then get confused.

In his incomprehension of this truth lies dormant the female, ready-to-leap power!

However, you can't give him any advice similarly.

As she only knows love and  can't be lavish with hatred, she will trample his heart as well as hers.


I don't think it's romanticism when reciprocity exists.
Because when reciprocity kicks back loves isn't mad any more.


I strained my imagination or one of my devils hit me so strongly that for a while

I saw from close up and not in the mist what the world would look like

if love paid only with love!

And a thrill of terror gave me light, and I understood suddenly what true love was.

As I know life and its contrariness a little,  I speculate that the majority of women that

read this short discussion  will experience disbelief mingled with

gratitude. And men  understand  nothing again because what do kids have to do here 

if not to play hide and seek   all the time? Don't think that I stretch my hands to children

because, being a child myself, I laugh and say:

The greatest sens of this world is that he can betray her without betraying love.

But what she will do, children don't know.


Read seven times a week, in the morning and at night, on an empty stomach



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