Old Age!
Did you dance the life away in its rhythm?



I could pray and entertaining the mascot of sin,

I miscarriage the brand new love - I started to love youth too late.

In my life was I given the opportunity to come across

only the frayed and frozen to marrow meat called little hearts!


The horror of nostalgia remained.
There's nobody to lean on even if you had to bear the complex with disgrace.
The pain of the body is a cry: I don't need you any more!
The silence streaked with a undertone of fear: Will you beat out the sweetest rhythm even once more?
You yourself tore it apart.
There's no patch!


I made a snowman from hope.

I woke up again in the puddle of it.


T h e  i m p e r f e c t  l i t t l e  h e a r t.
Cloned with romanticism?
Its howling will deaden the nations.


Why are you sad?

Do you worry about old age or about yourself?

Being itself wealth, do you desire it?

You are eternal as long as the heart is naive.


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