I'm like this little boy, always present in places where something's

going on. Everywhere and at every time something goes on.

The boy  that's got  time and only wants to be and watch naively without  taking

part in anything. His presence and naive watching is a mirror reflection of

reality. In the mirror -horizontally or vertically, no matter how you look at it – happens

 everything the other way round. Youth doesn't know life and it's doing quite well so.  It's so

difficult for the boy to muster the courage to comment on anything, because not

 understanding, he senses that if he said anything he wouldn't be understood! And he doesn't

want to stop learning fascination. So the boy looks around and wonders that what he sees

and thinks about it is every day a different and new universe.

He hasn't broken his mirror yet!

While he looks into it, he still laughs.



I have broken my mirrors many times!
And, with contrariness, I still look at me in them.



The Experiment


Imagination, just like spontaneity, can't be learnt.

Their feature is innateness, or in other words, they live through generation heredity

combined with the experience of the consciousness which is attached to the body.

They are treasures given by nature.

Imagination is when the human brain enjoys vaccinating itself with a little bit of confusion.

Let us call this confusion improvisation.


Concentrate yourself, and ,reading slowly in your  dream, create and start to see a situation,

in which your body's mirror reflection will be your subconsciousness.

You stretch the right hand to the subconsciousness, and it stretches the left one to you.

In other words, the subconsciousness is always your complement by its contradiction to you.

Concentrate yourself and dream that the universe in the mirror goes on and whatever you

do, it lasts parallel in its reverse, and being a figment of your subconsciousness,

is a complement to your whole conscious universe.

Concentrate yourself!

In the mirror, your thoughts run   parallel in the reverse, too.

Using eyes, your thoughts see the mirror.

Are you saying you know yourself!?

Therefore look into the mirror and in your eyes try to read your thoughts from their expression.

You won't manage.          

Concentrate yourself!

Close your eyes and make the thoughts in the mirror your thoughts!

It's hard to manage, so we'll introduce the third element.

It's a relative, free  point of reference for two contradictions that are

one at the same time, in other words a reflection in the mirror.

The third element is a different parity.

Different parity (in Cartesian geometry) is infinity.

Adding the third element to our dualistic universe of thoughts and those  thoughts'

figments we'll name abstraction.

Abstraction belongs to two universes.

To the universe of subconsciousness and the one of consciousness.

The connection of these two universes and their completing each other and becoming one

plus the third element is the universe of infinite opportunities.

Close your eyes and make the thoughts in the mirror your thoughts!

Everything is possible.

Your universe, as you see it and how you understand it, is only your consciousness's

interpretation. Poor interpretation because it's based on what you are born into.

The third element is imagination.

I m a g i n a t i o n.





Interpretation lies with the judgment coming from experience and accumulation of knowledge.

In order to interpret, it's not enough that you have experienced or learnt. Beside this, you need

to think everything through and then to  ponder. In order to think it through and ponder,

everything must be lit clearly.

Therefore, from now on,  the thoughts are going to discourse about fire.

Close your eyes and make the thoughts in the mirror your thoughts!

Thoughts – whether thinking of fire or existing directly in its presence – are always

able to produce the most contradicting conclusions of emotions.

The fear of it, as well as the homage to its merits for millions of years of communion with it,

produced even until recently spontaneous  worship of it.

I look at  all those human tribes that still exist on the earth and are called

by the Western world primitive and I notice in their minds

almost faultless estimation of what we, the non-primitive, have given up.

For the primitive, fire is still God.

The domination and the conquest of the natural world by the human kind has been lasting for

several dozens of thousands of years.

The human brain, the new organ (I have no idea what for) perfected by the nature (ow,

the nature loves experimenting!),  when it starts creating, it tries to make from that what is

imagination reality!

As these are still very early stages of the evolution of this organ, reality is a ludicrously fragile utopia.

Close your eyes and make the thoughts in the mirror your thoughts!

Invented by itself, being still foolish, imagination treats the metaphysical notions that can not

be comprehended by it  as its own and it starts to represent what is God in its likeness,

in the likeness of man.

Imagination that has the strength to be and become reality is everything.

It is what we are and what we are like.



Fire burns on  Borneo among naked hunters.
They dance delightfully in ecstasy and smile in its warmth.
Fire burns in hundreds of candles in Notre Dame that illuminate 
figures broken on their knees  and with faces in a daze of suffering.



The little boy defends himself from romanticism


Most of the time I spend with myself.

Everybody spends with himself most of the time.

The little boy looks at those who enjoy being among other people and asks himself

a question: Why do they hate themselves so much? Do they look for company

because they can't put up with themselves?

Or probably they love themselves with the highest of loves. And their own love turned into hatred?

The little boy doesn’t know yet that love is something different for every person.

Close your eyes and make the thoughts in the mirror your thoughts!

Hatred is like love!

Human imagination invented an intermediate emotion of love for its own use and called it

envy that is loyalty of worshipping oneself (please, believe me!),

which is needed for treating love and hatred as polar contradictions.

In order to understand it, we have to equip love with wings so that it would rise

above our human thinking and this our love would betray us. And that we would become

jealous of our suffering!

In everybody dwells fever that must have its fun, this fever means only taking and

giving back energy. And it doesn't matter whether we name it love or hatred.

It is only necessary that energy exchanges continually while it flows through.

Close your eyes and make the thoughts in the mirror your thoughts!

The betrayed woman's cry is the same to her as her loyal begging for love!

Do only I know this? What does her bind with her goddess?

His betrayal?  Or loyalty?

The little boy feels a need for understanding it.

Emotion whatever it is called and whatever is like is only a wave of energy.

Who understands it in his imagination that praises the world like it is.

And it doesn’t matter whether one wishes to weep or laugh in one’s life.

The little boy! I love you for your eternal smile.



The Only Sense


There is the beauty in the mirrored thoughts that is called acceptance!

What the world is exists around us all the time, but when we stand in front of the mirror

we close our eyes tightly.

Why are we not able to imagine this? Because the imagination is still 

a poor underfed little thing.

Close your eyes and make the thoughts in the mirror your thoughts!

Enter into the mirror and look at the world from that side, and may your judging and

accepting become one.


Accept what you should ignore.


Acceptance of everything is the least fallible imagination, is the only indisputable

understanding. Accepting your existence, you have to know that everything you

see and you will experience in a little  while, will be only the exchange of energy in this

our invisible world. Your grief or your pleasures are only figments of the world

where your body together with your brain, linked with senses, sees and interprets

yourself as something constant.

If you are like the little boy, then know that although life will rap you over

the knuckles, your greatest strength is others' incomprehension of  the sweetness

of this unique strange smile that belongs only you.

This sweetness is other understanding of life.

The little boy can always be mistaken what acceptance is for others. For this reason,

being himself and not understanding at all, he feels what acceptance is.

In their acceptance, others always want something from the boy, in other words

they will say: We can't take this watching from you.

But what should you watch us here for?

What do you want from us?

The poor don't see that their being watched by the boy is a gift for them.
The little boy! The world of human fuss is not your world!

Look at them and when you smile forgive them their servility.

Looking at the world, you'll surely understand that only the servant is

the most perfect master. And may acceptance embrace you like your own love that

has not been betrayed.


And I accept 'cause they don't want to accept my gifts.



The Ego


The little boy's acceptance as well as his existence is a voice among a thousand of other voices.

All voices are called by the mystic infallible balance of the universe.

Mother is worried about the little boy, and at the same time, not understanding, she

feels inside her the power of this strange smile.

The smile that runs with him through life playing pranks and belongs to the richest among

the wisest masters.

The Mother's mortification is the mystery of the universe that is always kept secret.



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